Maria Josefsen

Morten J. Stollesen

Welcome to Stollesen cattery, a FiFe registered cattery in Denmark.

We are a  family of 3 living in Skals, a small town North of Viborg.

We bought our first MCO in 2013, and it was the best investment ever.

In 2016 we decided to breed this great, intelligent, and loving gentle giant.

 With us, the cats have the opportunity to go out with the Whole Family,

as we have a large fenced garden and terrace, they have every opportunity to romp.

Inside they also have plenty of space, they are in almost every room.

 Our goal is to maintain the standard and breed large, healthy, and strong main coons, that

live up to the natural look while having a wonderful, loving, and gentle temper. 

Best regards

Maria Josefsen & Morten J. Stollesen