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* FIFE Pedigree.

* Sales Contract.

* Health papers from authorized vet.

* Kittens will be vaccinated 2 times, chippet and health checked.

* Kittens sold as pets, will be neutred before leaving home.

* Kittens will be between 14-16 weeks before they leave home.

* Kittens will only be sold for breeding, to a registered breeder.

* Reservation fee will not be refunded if buyer regrets.

* All our adult cats are DNA tested for HCM, SMA and PK-DEF. 

* We will always be available for help and advice.

* Option = The cat is under evaluation, can be free later.

* Reserved = There is paid reservation fee for the kitten.

* Sold = The kitten is sold.

Design By Stollesen´s Maine Coon © 2016 All Rights Reserved

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