Names Litter

Born: 17.12.2021



DK Stollesen Casper

Status: Option


DK Stollesen Ida

Status: Option

When you buy a Stollesen cat this is what follows your kitten

  • Felis Danica Pedigree
  • Health certificated - Will be health checked at the age of 8 and 12 weeks.
  • Vaccinated 2 times
  • Dewormed
  • Chipped
  • A kitten sold as a pet will be neutered before leaving our home
  • If sold for breeding abroad, will have an EU passport and will be rabies vaccinated.
  • Lunch box from Royal Canin
  • Surprise gift
  • Info about feeding and how to show
  • Kittens will leave home at the age of 14 - 16 weeks

If you want, you can also get free membership for the rest of the year in

JYRAK - Jysk Racekatte klub

Maine Coon Klubben Danmark

I reserve the rights to decide any buyers for my kittens